Editing Services

I help publishers and innovators transform ideas into books that are memorable and meaningful. Whether it’s a poetic picture book, a chapter book about a family of porcupines, or a humorous nonfiction text, I’m good at understanding the essence of a manuscript and envisioning a way forward.

I’m passionate about taking time to do the deep thinking that’s needed to help you publish with confidence and create books that are celebrated by readers and reviewers alike.

To help you achieve this I offer:

Developmental Editing, Manuscript Critiques, & Book Mapping with a specific focus on children’s picture & chapter books; fiction/non-fiction.

At all stages, it’s important to remember that this is your project, in your voice, and as your thinking partner my role is to help guide and support you to make your manuscript the best it can be.

Authors retain the rights to their work, at all times, and have the final say over which changes to accept. My contract includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your intellectual property.

Choose the Level of Editing You Want

Developmental Editing & Book Mapping

Both of these editing formats look at the big picture changes to a story.

Every stage of writing is addressed while reviewing your manuscript – first impressions, language, format, character development, setting, theme, voice, resolution, and meaning. Overall the developmental edit process is more art than science!

My encouragement, ideas, creativity, with a dash of innovation will support your writing scene by scene – page by page – while asking, “Is there enough variety in your ms?” all the while focusing on structure, content, and probing questions, “Does this line of prose reflect the heart of the story?”

Throughout this process and as I read your draft I will support you to align your story with the genre it is in so that readers get what they want and come back for more. I also provide you with clear and specific suggestions for how to solve common writing challenges of plodding prose, & telling vs showing.

*Once the developmental stage is complete, line editors, copy editors, and proofreaders prepare your book for publication.

What you will receive from me:

  • A detailed report suggesting specific big-picture changes you create and add to the story that will make it more appealing to young readers.
  • A professional Book Map analyzing plot, pacing, and character arcs.
  • Marketing suggestions based on your genre and target audience.
  • A recommendation check-list to help you take your writing to the next editing level.

Manuscript Evaluation

For authors on a budget, or who aren’t certain if they need a full Developmental Edit, this is the “lite” version.

What you will receive from me:

  • An editorial letter suggesting specific big-picture changes you can make to the story that will make it more appealing to readers.
  • A recommendation checklist to help support your manuscript changes.


My prices align with the recommended minimum rates available from (2) sources:

https://www.the-efa.org/rates/-Editorial Freelancers Association

Chartered Institute for Editors and Proofreaders.

A Developmental Edit is $125.

A Manuscript Evaluation is $65.

A (1hr) Video/Phone Conference is $45.

I would love to hear about your latest project. 

Email me: reading_to_kidz@yahoo.com to discuss how we might work together.