Forest Animals PowerPoint

Subjects: Science
Grade Levels: 1st, 2nd
Resources: 56 slides in the PowerPoint
Time: 52 minutes
Made by: The Jacoby Jungle, Lakeland, FL

Description: This PowerPoint is full of colorful photographs and easy to understand sentences. It explains where forests are, what they are, and why they are in danger. It gives lots of information about the following forest animals: skunks, beavers, owls, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, porcupines, and bears.

Forest Animal Word Wall

Download Here

Subjects:Science, English Language Arts, Vocabulary
Grade Levels:PreK, Kindergarten, 1st
Resources:PDF Acrobat Document File
Time: 10 minutes
Made by:gewitkow, Pennsylvania

Description:For this set of word wall words there are 25 forest animal picture/word cards and 2 word sheets for easy use in the writing center. Animals included: deer, mountain lion, raccoon, groundhog, rabbit, bear (black bear), opossum, bat, squirrel, chipmunk, bobcat, ruffed grouse, turkey, quail, hawk, skunk, wolf, pheasant, porcupine, barn owl, fox, cardinal, wood duck, blue jay.

Animal Tracks

Subjects: Science
Grade Levels:PreK, Kindergarten, 1st
Resources: PDF Acrobat Document File; 23 animal track cards with labels, 23 animal tracks cards without labels, 23 labels; 23 photographic pictures of animals (labeled); title cards for both the track cards and the animal cards; Cards are approx. 3¾” x 2½”.
Time: 30 minutes
Made by:Montessori Print Shop, Ontario, Canada

Description:Match each animal to their foot tracks. This work includes: black bear, beaver, dog, coyote, elk, opossum, grey squirrel, bobcat, chipmunk, black-tailed deer, mouse, porcupine, raccoon, striped skunk, grey wolf, duck, raven, quail, blue heron, robin, wild turkey, killdeer, and merganser.