What Makes an Opossum Tick?

Author:  Lyn Smith     Illustrator:  Jamie Hogan

When Bailey stumbles across an opossum behind his Grandfather’s barn, he sees an opportunity to learn more about one of Earth’s oldest living fossils, a mammal which dates back millions of years to the days of the dinosaurs.

What Makes an Opossum Tick? celebrates the power of living peacefully alongside our wild Maine neighbors while sharing with readers an appreciation for all that nature has to offer.

Hardcover: $19.99 plus $3.00 shipping


The animal turns in a slow circle, and I see a long scaly tail. His five-toed paws move delicately through the long grass while his tongue flicks in and out across the damp blades.

I watch as he sniffs out a rotten apple core, some bird seed, and a fat juicy slug that he devours in three bites. He tucks his head to groom the fur on his legs and chest then crawls beneath the barn.

“Hey, you’re an opossum!”