Our Creativity Changes As We Do


The Various Paths We Take Can Lead Us Somewhere New

A creative life is not linear – it’s full of curves, swoops, dips, and sometimes confusion. 

For each step we take forward toward a chosen destination, there can often be many steps backward, providing perfect circumstances for discouragement to cultivate.

My grand-daughter is 5 ½ and living through a pandemic; hybrid schooling, no access to her grand-parents except through the virtual world, and yet she thrives. Telling me often that she loves school, wants to be an artist and a scientist when she grows up, and rejoices in sharing, via a ZOOM session, the loss of her very first tooth!

She’s resilient. Creative. Determined. Focused. And, loves learning new things. Her creative path has diverged many times during 2020, however, a good life doesn’t always move stoically forward in a single direction – rather, it’s full of slow and steady progress and tiny breakthroughs. 

For my grand-daughter, her tiny breakthrough came when her mother registered her for a ZOOM cooking class. She and several other friends her age connect each week to create, cook, and take the challenge of learning something new – slicing, dicing, spreading, mushing, stirring, pouring, and measuring – all while following the directions of a chef who assists on the screen.

For Natalie, her pathways in a good life have been interrupted and re-directed yet she continues to thrive and persevere to learn more, do more, and create her own map of crisscrossing paths and places that she might never have imagined.

I think my take-away from this divergence is believing the best thing a person can do is embrace the positives and possibilities from every situation that you are in or choose to be in. Every Thursday, Natalie connects virtually to prepare and cook a meal for her parents and younger brother which I’ve heard has become the highlight of everyone’s week. And, each week her mother, Kris, sends me photos that I, in turn, send off to family and friends who delight in seeing Natalie grow and embrace this new activity. At the same time, those photos bring more smiles and exclamations and comment that swirl inside of an email ‘reply – all’ button. Eventually, we all learn what works for us and what doesn’t and move forward with the lessons we’ve learned; our creativity changes just as we do.

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