Doodles with an Artist’s Heart



Doodles with an Artist’s Heart

The nostalgia I feel about my childhood comes through in watching my grand-daughter at play.

She’s five and has a younger brother. She’s growing up knowing how to be passionate and speak up for what she believes in. Her drawings reflect her interest in animals; especially Maine wildlife. Natalie has an artist’s heart.

I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s. As the oldest child, I enjoyed playing with my siblings and neighborhood friends, but I’ve always valued time spent alone, to explore and create worlds of my own. I feel a closeness to animals that I write about whether they’re communicating with each other, nature, or as a pet with a person. In my writing, an idealized sense of home and place shows up in much of my work. I grew up in NY, NJ, and CT in homes that had access to natural habitats; big backyards, a barn, plenty of places to run, walk, and ride my bike. These suburban locations tend to show up in my writing, however, I prefer to write about seaside cottages by the ocean or shingled homes in the forest that feature members of my family and some of Maine’s notable wildlife. I think I am continually creating a world that is safe, kind, and calm and plan to deliver it to Natalie as she continues to doodle, scribble, and make note of her natural world.

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