Creating with an Artist’s Heart

It has been a wild couple of weeks. My workday world is currently coming to a close as virtual teaching/learning ends for an eagerly anticipated summer break. During this time something that has continued to be a struggle for me is to make art; to create, write, draw, or doodle! It is hard right now. However, I remain optimistic as I begin to rediscover a sense of calm, the freedom of time and space in which to recognize what fuels my creative spirit. Several writer friends have often commented to me on how their writing has suffered or taken a back seat while our overactive minds process what’s happening in the world around us. So, I asked them, “What helps to calm your mind? Or unlock those creative thoughts?” Each of them replied, “TEA!”.

So, feeling somewhat doubtful that this suggestion had any merit and yet not wanting to disappoint my friends because I did ask the question, I went in search of the perfect brew and found: MEM TEA. At first, the selection seemed overwhelming; black, green, oolong, white, and herbal. The list went on! Trying to make a quick decision I started with something familiar; herbal. Little did I realize there were over twenty different assortments of herbal flavors certain to guarantee me a heartwarming cup of tea. As I stared at the company’s website, one thing became clear. The colors of the assorted teas were stunning; cranberry red, lemon yellow, lavender, apricot, plum, and sage green. Captivated by the colorful display I ordered the Blood Orange Hibiscus; a stunning ruby-red infusion of elderberries, apple, and orange peel.

After several days of enjoying my new purchase, I realized my friends were right. Now when I sit myself down to write or to look at any revision notes this little bit of self-care goes way beyond my expectations as it really does provide clarity and inspiration. I think this is what we as writers and artists bring to the table; helping ourselves find meaning in complicated times.

For each of us, that’s the point of creating art. We need it to help process our feelings, seek comfort, and to find empathy hopefully all within a quiet space. Whether I’m wonderfully inspired, wrestling a new creative project, or just making it through another day, I allow myself a moment to process the cascade of emotions that are so quick to surface during what many are calling our new normal. So often these feelings have led me to retreat and enjoy a cup of tea. It supports my inspirations as I soak up a little of this early soon-to-be summer sun while allowing me to be gentle and forgiving with my artist’s heart.

Happy Summer!


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