Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards – 2019 – Silver Medal Award – What Makes an Opossum Tick?

On October 4th, 2019, I opened my email inbox to find the following announcement:

Congratulations on being a Moonbeam medalist!

Attached to this long letter was the following link. (see below)

So, I clicked on it; doubting that this had anything to do with me and was probably SPAM or sent to all of the authors who submitted books and an application. I had sent my paperwork into the committee in late May and frankly had all but forgotten about it! So, much happens between May and October!

With one click and a scroll which finally landed me at #32 – Environmental Issues – there it was!

Silver Medal Award: What Makes an Opossum Tick? by Lyn Smith, illustrator Jamie Hogan, publisher Piscataqua Press, Portsmouth, NH.

I stared at it for almost one full minute before giving a loud WHOOP!, fist-bumped the air yelling, “I did it!”, until finally reaching for the tissues as the tears arrived. Incredible. Amazing. Disbelief. Happiness. All rolled into one.

Until my mind leaped ahead thinking, “I need to tell someone. This is a big Wow!” And, so I did tell someone. Lot’s of someones. And, most specifically people who had been part of this writing journey with me. My family, friends, beta-readers, other authors, illustrators, printers, and publishers. I couldn’t hold back. Without them, this story might not have been written, nor would I have been brave enough to submit it to an Awards group for consideration.

I am grateful. And, over the moon with happiness.

Thank you, peeps!

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