Toothpick Porcupines

Subjects: Science, Art, Math, English Language Arts
Grade Levels: PreK, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Resources: Toothpicks, Air Dry Clay – Color-Terracotta, black marker, dinner size paper plates
Time: 45 minutes
Made by: Susan @

Description: Make these pokey, adorable toothpick porcupines with air dry clay and toothpicks. Separate about a handful of clay in each color. Roll and smush it into a rough teardrop shape.  This will be your porcupine’s body.
Fit as many toothpicks (quills) as you can into your porcupine’s body.  Break two toothpicks in half for each porcupine, and use these shorter pieces as legs.  When they’re all set, draw smiling little faces on them.  Cute little critters!

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