Animal Tracks

Subjects: Science
Grade Levels:PreK, Kindergarten, 1st
Resources: PDF Acrobat Document File; 23 animal track cards with labels, 23 animal tracks cards without labels, 23 labels; 23 photographic pictures of animals (labeled); title cards for both the track cards and the animal cards; Cards are approx. 3¾” x 2½”.
Time: 30 minutes
Made by:Montessori Print Shop, Ontario, Canada

Description:Match each animal to their foot tracks. This work includes: black bear, beaver, dog, coyote, elk, opossum, grey squirrel, bobcat, chipmunk, black-tailed deer, mouse, porcupine, raccoon, striped skunk, grey wolf, duck, raven, quail, blue heron, robin, wild turkey, killdeer, and merganser.

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