Peaks Island Summer Residency 2018

On July 21st, 2018 my husband and I boarded the Casco Bay Ferry in Portland for the brief ride to Peaks Island. Our car was loaded for a week’s stay at The Stone House – Marilyn Faison Residency courtesy of Illustration Institute.

Happy Trails!

Our drive along Sea Shore Road had wonderful vistas!

We stopped to check for sea glass. Brian found lots of pieces in colors of blue, green, and brown.

The scenery on Peaks is so peaceful. Seaweed, rocks, and glass are plentiful!

We visited the 5th Maine Museum before our arrival at the Stone House.

During the post- Civil War years the building dedicated itself to providing a peaceful spot for recovering War Veterans.

I wanted to see where my Illustration Institute Workshop would be held so we took time to check out the history inside and out!

The grounds outside provided the perfect place to relax and finish my lunchtime coffee.

Arriving at the Stone House we were greeted by lovely floral bouquet’s. I immediately set up my art space.

Colorful visuals are always prominent on Peaks. I delighted in experimenting with my new set of watercolor pencils.

The week was full of lively conversations, delicious dinners with Jamie Hogan,

her family, and new friends from Illustration Institute.

Later in the week Jamie and I presented our Nature Craft Workshop at the 5th Maine.

A banner day with many creative people!

Our Nature Artifacts table was overflowing with goodies and our books looked lovely, too!

Artists in Residence!

A bountiful crop of talented people!

More art!

A rewarding and fun day for everyone!

Thanks, Illustration Institute for a week of fun, creativity, and adventure! My creative well has been replenished!

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