The Many Colors of First Friday Art Walk

Portland’s First Friday Art Walk greeted 3 Maine Women Authors on September 1st; Tammy Cloutier – Painted Dog Pursuit, Michelle W. Patch – The Boston Terrier Who Thought He Was a Loon, and me with my book – A Porcupine’s Promenade. Thanks to our publisher, Maine Authors Publishing, we set up our tables on a bright sunny COOL & WINDY afternoon underneath the bright orange overhang of the Maine College of Art (MECCA) –

Our tables were bright and cheery! We even had a painted dog keeping company with a porcupine!

All 3 of us were bundled up in fleece, jeans, scarves, and plenty of smiles! Tammy is a great photographer!

Michelle Patch’s display of her book; “The Boston Terrier Who Thought He Was a Loon” captured the interest of one avid reader while her mother happily smiled for the camera. This was Tammy’s FIRST Book event so it was only fitting that she opted to join in for FIRST Friday Art Walk!

As the afternoon passed I couldn’t help but notice the colorful displays of artistry on architecture…….

Pink city buses, vivid yellow pants, blue & black plaid shirts, and neon colored street signs….

MECA students were everywhere setting up their wares. Monochromatic water color paintings with striped shirts presented an inviting display.

Visitors passing by eagerly tried out screen printing while I was captivated by the unique hair colors.

Taking a quick walk to check out other vendors I happened to see this woman on stilts! The blustery day sent her green skirt flapping! While her colorful floral sunhat took a ride in the breeze minutes after I snapped this photo.

As the sun began to set I took a glance around before packing up my book table and noticed  the distinctive red, white, and blue of our American flag. Being part of First Friday Art Walk was fun, invigorating, and colorful!

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