Peaks Season

It all began with a newspaper article in the Portland Press Herald; Experience a Faison Artist Residency as part of Illustration Institute – The Stone House – Peaks Island, Maine. A one week+ stay in a stone house – an inspirational space for authors and artists.

I asked myself, “Really? Live on an island? for a week? Should I? Could I?”

Yes, I told myself. I could.”

My home away from home for one week; The Stone House.

This wonderful unique house came complete with many well lit spaces in which to create, write, think, and reflect.

My creative inspiration was unleashed and came from many Island sources; blooming architecture, pastel floral vases, sunflower sheds, and a new found rodent friend named Chester!

Seven days of contemplation, consideration, and musings culminated in a Perfect Peaks Pop-Up Book Sale with Peaks Island resident, illustrator, & good friend, Jamie Hogan.

Boy oh Boy this Porcupine sure gets around!

All too quickly it was back home to enjoy the waning days of summer. Farewell, Peaks!




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