Lyn Smith has worked as an educator and reading teacher for more than twenty-five years, and is the author of two children’s books: A Porcupine’s Promenade and What Makes an Opossum Tick?  She has lived on the Maine coast with her husband and two cats for many years, where family and friends come every summer to relax at the “cottage.”

Inspired by true stories, Lyn’s books teach about survival, adaptation, and respectful human interactions with nature. The stories are written and designed specifically for readers ages 5-9 years, and convey to them that every journey into the outdoors is an opportunity to experience the presence of wonder.

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A Porcupine’s Promenade is a special story that envelops you in the memorable uniqueness that surprise encounters with backyard wildlife can bring. The writing and illustrations capture the wonder and magic of winter in a way that will encourage readers to strike out on their own nature expeditions.
— Susan Dee, K–5 Literacy Strategist, RSU5 Freeport, Durham, Pownal