An encounter in the winter woods…


Inspired by a true story, A Porcupine’s Promenade describes, through a morning’s events, a nine-year old boy’s snowshoe hike in a snowy forest and his encounter with a North American porcupine. Through this simple narrative, young children will learn about survival, adaptation, and respectful human interactions with nature. This story is written and designed specifically for readers ages 5-9 years; and conveys to them that every journey into the outdoors is an opportunity to experience the presence of wonder. More about A Porcupine’s Promenade here.




A Porcupine’s Promenade is a special story that envelops you in the memorable uniqueness that surprise encounters with backyard wildlife can bring. The writing and illustrations capture the wonder and magic of winter in a way that will encourage readers to strike out on their own nature expeditions.
— Susan Dee, K–5 Literacy Strategist, RSU5 Freeport, Durham, Pownal


This is a beautifully visual superbly written book in which to integrate science and language arts.
— Sheila Wells, K–8 STEM Coordinator, RSU21 Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Arundel

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